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The 4 Things You Need for the Elastic Habits System

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There are four things you need to use the Elastic Habits method properly. You need to Display, Write, Track, and Mark your habits. The easiest thing to do is buy one of the kits. They have everything you need to start and are heavily discounted.

Note: I’m including DIY solutions below because I didn’t create these products to make money. I created these products because they didn’t exist. This is a unique (and superior) way of building habits, so it needed quality products to support it.

  1. DISPLAY: Use something to display the elasticity of (up to) three elastic habits.
    1. The Elastic Habit Poster 2.0 can display one elastic habit with full flexibility. (recommended)
    2. An Interactive Habit Poster displays one elastic habit with a beautiful themed picture, but it’s not as flexible. The first version of the Elastic Habit Poster can display 3 habits.
    3. DIY: Colored notecards, plain paper, or a whiteboard can display your habits. (cheaper, but not as appealing)
  2. WRITE: You need to write your habits on your chosen display.
    1. For Habit Posters (laminated), you can use wet or dry erase markers. I sell dry erase markers, and they are included with the two higher end Kits. Wet erase markers are more expensive, have richer color, and don’t wipe off unless you use water. I do not recommend using permanent marker on the Habit Posters! You need to be able to edit those as your habits grow!
    2. If you want to use a DIY solution, permanent marker on paper or notecards or dry erase markers on a whiteboard is your best bet.
  3. TRACK: Habits that matter must be tracked.
    1. Use the Elastic Habit Tracking Calendar to track your habits. It’s 12 months of tracking with beautiful pictures, inspiring quotes, and a scorecard to help you see your progress from month to month. (recommended)
    2. DIY: Some people have made spreadsheets for the system. It’s not as tactile and rewarding to track digitally, so I don’t recommend it, but some may still prefer digital.
  4. MARK: You need to mark your habits as you complete them. It’s rewarding!
    1. I sell color-coded stickers. Simply place the color of the level you completed in the spot. The Tracker is designed for these stickers to fit perfectly! (recommended)
    2. DIY: If you hate stickers (or hate how expensive they are), use the symbol progression method as described in the book. You only need a permanent marker or pen for that. Stickers are more fun, but they are somewhat expensive.

The Kits

I offer four kits. The old Starter Kit gives three months of tracking. I recommend the newer kits below because their improved tools will give you a better experience. The new kits are…

  • Bronze Kit: A basic kit that only gives you the Tracking Calendar and three Habit Poster 2.0s. You’ll need to provide things to write with and a method to mark your habits.
  • Gold Kit: The ultimate package! It contains the best of everything on this site. You’ll get a full year of tracking, plus the Habit Star, the Mini Habits travel card, and 4 colors of dry erase markers.

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