Elastic Habits Bronze Kit (Basic Bundle)

Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $29.99.

This basic kit gives you three Habit Posters and the Tracking Calendar. You’ll need to provide, well, everything else!


  • Elastic Habits Tracking Calendar (12 Months of Tracking)
  • Elastic Habit Poster 2.0 (3): Each displays One Elastic Habit

Saves $8 vs buying individually

You already have dry erase markers? You don’t need to track with stickers? Then this is the bundle for you! It only contains the elastic habits tracking calendar and three habit posters. See the videos below to discover how they’ll make habit formation more fun and dynamic than it has ever been! (If you want the whole package with markers, stickers, and more, consider the most popular item on this website, the gold kit.)

Habit Poster 2.0 Tutorial

And this is the habit tracking calendar.


Weight16 oz

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