Elastic Habits Gold Kit (Ultimate Bundle)

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The ultimate bundle! It’s 12 months of tracking, plus the innovative habit star, tracker cards for your habits on the go, and a multi-color dry erase marker set!


  • Elastic Habits Tracking Calendar (12 Months of Tracking)
  • Elastic Habit Poster 2.0 (3): Each Poster Displays One Elastic Habit
  • Multi-pack Sticker Set x 3 (9 sheets total): 3 each of Green, Silver, and Gold (154 tracking dots per sheet)
  • Black sticker sheet (1): 154 tracker dots
  • Dry Erase Marker Set (4): Black, Green, Blue, Red
  • Habit Star (includes adhesive dots & Index cards) (1)
  • Mini Habits Travel Cards (Pack of 10)

Save $22 vs buying individually

Out of stock

This bundle contains a lot. Let’s start with the main items — the habit poster to display your habits and the calendar to track them. First, here is the revolutionary habit poster (version 2.0).

And this is the habit tracking calendar.

Plus you’ll get the habit star, travel tracking cards, dry erase markers, and a year’s supply of tracking stickers. Want to see how everything else works? See the product tutorial page!

Weight19 oz
Dimensions9 × 1 × 13 in
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