New Book: Elastic Habits

I’ve spent the last year writing a book. Here it is.

Elastic Habits (ebook) is available to read right now on Amazon!

Other versions and platforms: The paperback version is available. The audiobook should be available in week or two. It will be available on other platforms (Apple, KOBO, Google, Nook) in a couple of days.

Why You Should Read Elastic Habits

Elastic Habits is the best habit-building strategy. While a typical habit has one win condition (do X every day), an elastic habit has nine win conditions. What’s the benefit in having nine win conditions?

Life is dynamic. We have good days. We have bad days. Good habits tend to break when life’s turbulence disrupts our plans. But when your habit can flex in any direction and even change its form, it can survive down times and thrive in good times.

We’re used to bending over backwards trying to meet our rigid goals and habits. An elastic habit works with you and for you. It’s actually strange, because you expect to feel pressure from whatever “plan” or strategy you’re using, but this one is always supportive of your efforts; it’s more of an ally than a drill sergeant.

You’ll never feel trapped. You’ll never feel held back. Elastic habits maximize the potential of each day.

It’s truly the best way to form habits. It’s so empowering.

Book Details

  • 227 pages
  • Five parts, 12 chapters
  • Five comics (one to start each of the five parts)
  • Retail price: $7.99

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you like the book! Click here to buy it!


Stephen Guise

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