Magnesium Oil: The Miraculous Liquid You’ve (Probably) Never Heard of

This is my blood test before and (5 months) after magnesium oil application.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. Check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about adding magnesium oil to your routine.

Let’s start here: I have no incentive to sell you magnesium oil.

I understand that using “[blank] oil” and “miraculous” together gives snake oil salesman vibes. But I have ZERO incentive to sell you anything, except for my desire for you to discover this. While I’m going to recommend a certain brand because it has worked for me better than others, I have never even communicated with them. Nor do I have financial incentives with magnesium oil in general. I’m not even going to use Amazon affiliate links in this post like I typically would, because I want you to have zero doubts that I’m telling you this out of pure belief in what this incredible liquid does for the human body and nothing else.

If you do try magnesium oil and want to help me out because you love it, just share this article with your friends. That will help them out, too!

Magnesium Is Not a Fad… It’s Essential for Life!

I have some amazing anecdotal experiences with magnesium oil, but let’s start with science. Magnesium shouldn’t need any introduction. It’s a mineral that humans need, not a “product.” Yes, there are products containing it, but magnesium is involved in so many critical processes that it would be very difficult to overstate its importance to us.

“Magnesium is the fourth most abundant cation in the body and is present in more than 300 enzymatic systems, where it is crucial for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) metabolism.” (source, emphasis mine)

What are the top three cations? Who cares. Magnesium gets the spotlight today. We generally get magnesium from the food we eat, but it’s estimated that more than half of people don’t get enough of it. That’s associated with a lot of diseases, including all four of the biggest killers of humans, as I wrote about on the Dumb Little Man blog.

That’s one reason why we do have magnesium supplements, like any other vitamin and mineral. Magnesium supplements are more confusing than most, though. There’s magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) and several others. But why so many?

Did you take chemistry in high school? I’m not sure if this cool of an experiment was allowed in your school, but pure elemental magnesium explodes in water! And the human body is 70% water. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea. So magnesium is bound to other elements to create safe, consumable forms of magnesium.

You get it. Magnesium is really important and healthy. But people drink alcohol and smoke and don’t drink enough water. So what’s the big deal with being a little bit low in magnesium and why should you care about magnesium oil in particular? Because it isn’t just about health, it’ll make you feel amazing.

Magnesium Oil Can Dramatically Improve Your Quality of Life

Not everyone cares to live the perfect robotic healthy lifestyle. But people do like to feel good, especially when it doesn’t require much effort. That’s why magnesium oil is so awesome. All you do is apply it to your skin. That’s a lot easier than working out or choosing to eat kale!

Magnesium oil isn’t really an “oil,” but rather a magnesium chloride brine. Magnesium chloride salt is also found in ocean water, which I find very interesting. Have you noticed that you feel extra relaxed after swimming in the ocean? Part of that is the swimming, sure, but another part could be the magnesium chloride your skin absorbs from the sea.

The Three Miraculous Effects of Magnesium Oil

1. Deep Muscular Relaxation

The main therapeutic benefit of magnesium is muscle relaxation. Muscle relaxation is one of magnesiums’ main functions in the body. Calcium contracts muscles and magnesium relaxes them. (This doesn’t mean you should avoid calcium. Both are important, but most Americans are lower in magnesium.)

My experience: I’ve stopped tension headaches with magnesium oil. Sometimes I’ll unconsciously clench my jaw and tense my shoulders. Magnesium oil “resets” them both in a way nothing else has before.

2. Enhanced Healing

Magnesium doesn’t just relax muscles. It’s involved in activating enzymes that heal the body. Magnesium oil is my go-to for all joint, ligament, and muscle injuries. It even seems to help with the most challenging issues like cartilage.

“Magnesium can enhance the formation of chondrocytes from synovial mesenchymal stem cells, promote chondrocyte proliferation and improve the effect of growth factor through continuous effects in the process of cartilage formation.” (study)

My experience: I jammed my finger playing basketball. It turned purple shortly after. Within three minutes of applying magnesium oil to it, the purple color faded noticeably (and it felt better). My aunt felt better within minutes of applying it to an ankle injury. I’ve read many reports of people with arthritis experiencing significant relief. The spot treatment aspect of magnesium oil and its super fast absorption makes it seem like magic when you apply it to areas of need. It’s not going to heal a broken bone overnight or anything, but it can make a big difference with minor injuries.

3. Incredible sleep

There’s sleep, and then there’s sleep with magnesium oil. I’ve experienced relaxation with mag citrate and bisglycinate (oral magnesium), but they pale in comparison to the impact of my magnesium oil routine. I think it’s just a more direct and efficient way to deliver magnesium to your tense muscles.

My experience: If you want to sleep like a baby again, do this. As a disclaimer, test magnesium oil on a small area of your skin first. This isn’t a “gentle” liquid and some people with sensitive skin could get a bad reaction from it. In addition, it might be better to start with a smaller dose than what I recommend here. If you’re ready to proceed, get naked.

Still with me? Okay, go ahead and spray and rub magnesium oil all over your body. Make sure to get your torso, shoulders, neck, arms, jaw, and bottoms of your feet. Avoid sensitive areas like the genitals, eyes, nose, and mouth. Also avoid recently shaved areas and small cuts. That would be literal salt in the would! I even put it on my forehead and head (bald perk). Rest assured, it is normal for it to sting and burn some. And some areas will be worse than others. The back of my neck seems especially sensitive to it and stings like crazy, but I also need it there and find it worthwhile.

Once you’ve applied it all over your body, you’re going to want to wait 20 minutes. I usually watch a YouTube video (watch one of mine!) or show in the bathroom while I wait. Then take a shower to rinse it off. The burning and stinging sensation you may feel will go away quickly when you wash it off (in my experience, but it may depend on how sensitive your skin is). You can dilute the product with water if it’s too intense as it is water soluble.

Do this, and you will sleep like a log, wake up feeling refreshed, and tell everyone you know about this article (right?!).


Magnesium supplements are quite popular, but most of them are oral. Magnesium citrate and bisglycinate are fine supplements (which I also have and take). But while magnesium oil is less popular than oral powders, it’s better. Way better. It has changed my life more than any other supplement.

  • Magnesium oil is absorbed faster into the skin and body than oral supplements.
  • Magnesium oil doesn’t go through the digestive system, and so avoids the potential laxative effect of oral magnesium supplements.
  • Magnesium oil can be used as a spot treatment to aid tight muscles and minor injuries.

Oh, and I have evidence that magnesium oil is absorbed. Remember the image from the top of this article? I took blood tests 5 months apart testing my serum magnesium levels. Between the tests, I applied magnesium oil just about every night. My second test resulted in more than a 10% increase! (I felt a lot better, too.)

The best part about all of this is that unlike a pharmaceutical drug that kills your symptoms while not necessarily being “good for you,” magnesium is as healthy as anything could possibly be for you. All of the positive effects you feel will be real. Your body will feel better because it is better than it was before you applied magnesium oil. Your body wants, needs, and craves magnesium (and probably doesn’t get enough of it).

The brand I use is Ancient Minerals. I thought it would all be the same, but I actually felt a difference with this (more expensive) brand. And look, I’ve bought 7 bottles of it!

They have other variations for sensitive skin and stuff, but this plain version has the highest concentration of magnesium. That’s what delivers the results, so I recommend trying this one first.

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