The Most Important Question In The World

I have discovered the single most important question you can ask yourself on a regular basis. It applies to any problem, any situation, any time.

It is that important.

The mysterious question is, as you might suppose, very simple. But don’t let your familiarity with it prevent you from reading on, because I’m digging deeper. There are subtle concepts within this of such profundity and reach that it makes the rest of personal development topics seem…less important or something.

So, the question is…

What Are My Beliefs?

You have thousands, if not millions, of beliefs. You hold beliefs about the best way to use a garden hose, when it’s a good time to take out the trash, your level of intelligence, the usefulness of blenders, and the existence (or not) of the supernatural.

You’re probably thinking, “too broad to be useful?” No, because context provides specificity. If you’re in a mall shopping for clothing, your beliefs about clothing styles and how many pants you need come into play.

The significance of belief is self-illuminating because you have beliefs about every single thing there is. Your beliefs and perception of reality are married to each other. Add the fact that beliefs can be altered and you can see that beliefs are a major hinge of life change.

  1. Beliefs will either cripple your mind or energize it to live your best life possible.
  2. Beliefs are the difference between long-term success and failure.
  3. Beliefs determine if you’re generally happy or sad, optimistic or pessimistic.

The applications are infinite, so I’ll give (perhaps) the most poignant one and let you muse over the others.

A Dangerous Belief – My Life Is Stagnant/Boring/Dreadful

It looks like an observation, doesn’t it? But actually, it’s a very dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s why…

My life is stagnant” is a present tense statement alternatively translated as “my life is stagnant in this very moment.”

As someone very young would say, BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!

The Truth: The present moment is 100% neutral ground. Good or bad things can happen from this moment in time.

Look at it this way…

If your life is stagnant right now – it is a problem that you have to get out of before you can make progress. But if you believe the present moment is neutral (as it truly is), you’re simply free to move forward.

Imagine you’re driving east and suddenly you realize that your intended destination was actually south. Do you backtrack and travel due west? No, you should head south-west to reach your destination.

Note: public criticism of Stephen’s art is awkward and unacceptable.

In the same way, regardless of where we’ve been and what we have believed about our missteps and mistakes – the present moment is always a neutral moment of opportunity to pursue our dreams recklessly.

If you’ve been having a tough time with something, you’ll be glad to know that you’re on neutral ground right now and can focus on thriving from today forward instead of expending mental energy to overcome an expired problem.

Empowering Beliefs Create Life

Pessimists have to overcome stagnant life that they believe reaches them in the present. Optimists believe that every moment is new and that the future is promising.

The past can only weigh you down if you believe it will define your present and future (and if you believe that, it will happen!).

Empowering Belief – I am thriving in life. 

A smart, positive thinker won’t even accept that the present is neutral.

They will choose to believe that they are thriving in the present moment (regardless of their recent past). If you believe you’re thriving, you’re going to have a great day and a great life. You’re going to do everything better, happier.

The present moment is ALWAYS neutral. But let’s cheat a little and make the present moment positive by default. 

Have you decided?

What will your default belief be?

Also, how did your life truck manage to pass emissions testing?

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