You Don’t Have To Fill Every Second

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Do you ever find yourself mindlessly checking things like websites, book sales, social media, and website traffic? When I do this, it’s because I feel as if I need to fill every second with an activity. I will even cycle back to websites I just visited in order to be “doing something.”

Take a Moment

If you don’t grant yourself a spare moment to stop and consider your next move, you’re going to go through the motions and burn time. 

So if you find yourself procrastinating and wasting time, give yourself a moment. Simply sit or stand in place while you think. Not every second must be filled with an activity, and if you try to force that, you will participate in more meaningless activities.

Doing nothing is one step ahead of mindlessly wasting time because wasting time is hiding the fact that you’re doing nothing. If you don’t have anything to do, the solution is not to give in to the nearest distraction, it’s to figure out what to do!

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