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There are tools you might find useful for the Mini Habits Strategy.

Old-Fashioned Methods

  • Official Mini Habits Tracking Calendar ($19.99): I created a calendar specifically for Mini Habits. It’s beautiful and has a special space each day for bonus reps. You can buy it with color coded stickers and track four mini habits for a full year!
  • The Big Desk Calendar (about $12): This was the exact calendar I used to mark off each day. Tracking is essential for success, and this was my favorite, albeit old-fashioned solution (until I designed the aforementioned official calendar).

Tip: If you’re on the go or on vacation, bring a piece of paper with you. Write (in list form) each day you’ll be gone, and mark them off one by one (you can fold it and put it in your wallet/purse). Or, just track the mini habits on your phone while away. Or carry mini habits travel cards with you.

Everywhere “Sync” Solutions

These apps are specifically designed for habit-tracking and they offer access and syncing to the three most popular electronic platforms: iOS, Android, and Web (for desktops and laptops). You can mark your habit complete at the grocery store on your cell phone and then come home to your computer and see it marked on the website too. Oh, the mighty power of the cloud.

  • Goals On Track ($68 a year, but you can save $20 with promo code MINIHABITS. This is not an affiliate code; I’m not compensated in any way for it.) I used Goals On Track for about a year and made great progress with it. It seems to have just enough of what matters and isn’t bloated like many other systems. I use the old fashioned method, but this is great software if you’d like to track goals and habits. I asked Harry Che, the man who created Goals On Track and enjoyed reading mini habits, if he’d offer Mini Habits’ readers a discount and he obliged. Thanks Harry!

iOS (iPhone & iPad)


*I’m an Android user and I really like Loop – Habit Tracker. It’s very simple and the single habit widget is fantastic. See below.

Right under bitcoin checker are 3 individual widgets (one for each mini habit)
If you complete a mini habit, you simply tap the widget once and it’s marked complete!
All three mini habits completed? Triple check! You can go to the app to see your winning streaks (or even use their other widgets for that). I’m very impressed so far. I have no affiliation with this app.
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