Get Rich Quick! Make Money Blogging!

Imagine you have discovered a legitimate get rich quick method – how could you sell it?

“You can make more than Obama in your pajamas!”

Most people are not going to believe you. Some of us don’t even wear pajamas.

Yes, some desperate people still fall for get rich quick schemes, but the entire concept has been spoiled rotten in the public eye.

Dollar Dice
The game is “million dollar roll.” You roll the die and if it lands on a $ sign, I’ll let you buy my get rich quick program for just $397! If you buy in the next 12 seconds, it’s just 29 easy payments of $14.99.

After years of so many “snake oil” scams, certain phrases and concepts are damned eternally as fallacious and hoaxacious (new word pending approval from Merriam Webster). This isn’t logical because it assumes the past will replicate itself when the world’s numerous variables are constantly changing with new ones being added. This is not to mention that these stereotypes are based on those who abuse and deceive.

Are we sure that it is impossible to legitimately get rich (defined as say: $1M) quickly aside from a lucky lottery ticket? No. There are people out there who have made a great deal of money very fast without “getting lucky” or taking on a gargantuan amount of risk.

But where is the incentive for them to share how they did it? Who is to say that it can be replicated by others?  And if you can make $1 million a week, why sell your secret? So you can make another $50,000 in sales? Obviously not.

This leaves us with the filth – the people who get rich quick by capitalizing on the desire of others to get rich quick. It’s no wonder the concept has such a bad reputation! But there is something to be said about getting rick more quickly.

Something To Consider – Getting Rich More Quickly

I’ll say right now that I believe hard work and perseverance are the best ways to achieve financial success. But let’s face the facts – some people make the same amount of money in 5 months as others take 10 years to make. There is a strong element of strategy to making money that can easily supersede hard work.

Hard work by itself is simply not enough. A well known statistic is that 80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years – do you know how much hard work that is? Probably about 20 years worth of working a typical 9-5 Corporate job. Running a business requires passion because of how much work it is.

Make Money Blogging – Just Like Me!

Note: I’m not complaining at all in the following text (tone on the internet is tough to convey). I am making critical observations of the environment I’m working in. This is my perspective.

The money-centric part of the blogosphere seems to be a bit fishy to me. There are people making thousands of dollars a month via their blogs telling others how to make thousands of dollars a month. Get ready to think in this next sentence. They make money by selling the products that help them sell products to make money. It’s very circular – especially because they sell to others wanting to do the same thing.

There are those who make money by providing awesome content – like Steve Pavlina. But some others seem to have much in common with the get rich quick schemers. The internet is overgrown with “marketing experts” and “making money online gurus.”

It bothers me that most of the people I see making a lot of money online are the ones talking about making money online. It bothers me so much that I’ve considered joining the crowd. Thinking for positive life change is my passion, but I have yet to see if I can make money blogging about it (I haven’t released any products).

I and many other bloggers are working our socks off to provide amazing, original content – but how many are getting the appropriate financial return? I’m not sure, honestly. I assume less than the ones who blog about making money.

My Money-Making Story So Far

I tried using adsense on this blog for passive income and the results were horrible – $30 total. I’m fine with that because I didn’t enjoy the look (and perception) of having ads on my site anyways. At some point, I’ll probably have affiliate advertising in some places – but those are products that I choose and believe in.

I intend to make an honest living doing what I love (this). I happily removed adsense with the plan to make money by creating extraordinary content and selling it. I’m just about finished with my first digital book now (free) and have another massive project planned – a product that does not currently exist in the marketplace (secrets are fun?). 😉

Strangely enough, how I market these products will affect sales 10x more than their actual quality, except if word-of-mouth gets going.

I’ve considered blogging about blogging and making money blogging just because I’ve read and learned so much about it. It is an interesting field and there are some great blogs in this niche. It is a saturated niche – but the demand appears to be strong enough to justify it.

What are your thoughts? Have there been any legitimate get rich quick methods? Have you ever been burned by one? Is the making money blogging niche the biggest pyramid scheme ever? Are you making a ton of money blogging in your pajamas?

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