Habit Combos

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Mini habit combos are groups of habits that work well together. For example, it helps to read books if you want to be a writer. Exercise has been shown to help you stay sharp mentally. A minimalist lifestyle meshes well with meditation. Plus, these have fun titles.

If you’re not sure what mini habits to start with, you can try picking one of these combos that interests you. Or come up with your own!

The Healthy Genius

Healthy geniuses do something every day to stay in top physical and mental condition.

  • Do 1 push-up
  • Eat 1 serving of vegetables
  • Complete 1 mental exercise or game (Brainmetrix offers free brain training games)

The Fit Writer

Fit writers are dedicated to writing; they keep their mind sharp with exercise and reading, both of which improve their writing.

  • Do 1 push-up (or another exercise Mini Habit)
  • Write 50 words
  • Read 2 pages in a book

The Tidy Hobbyist

Tidy hobbyists like to keep their minds clear by having a clean and possibly minimalist living area so that they can focus on their hobby of choice.

  • Clean for 1 minute
  • Organize for 1 minute / get rid of 1 possession
  • Practice hobby (1 minute or small unit of practice)

The Content Minimalist

Content minimalists streamline their life by cutting out clutter and focusing on what matters.

  • Get rid of 1 possession
  • Think 3 positive thoughts about your life
  • Meditate 1 minute