A New Mini Habits Tracker!

I’m very excited to announce a brand new tracking calendar designed specifically for the Mini Habits method! If you currently use Elastic Habits, it is also compatible with that system. This calendar was designed for two things: simplicity and emphasis on the individual habits. It’s mini habits tracking perfection!

Unlike other trackers in which the habits are throw together into a list, this tracker gives each habit its own space, and shows the value of the habits individually. You can track up to four habits at once!

Mini Habits Tracking

Can you track more than four habits in other trackers? Yes, but that’s not a benefit, it’s a design flaw. Almost everyone will do better to focus their energy on fewer, high-impact habits than to try to overhaul their life at once.

When will it be available? Soon! The calendars are currently being printed and shipped to me. I would estimate that they will be available for purchase in 1-2 weeks.

Dimensions? 13″ x 9″ (closed)

Why does it say “Every day”? This is a reminder and encouragement to be consistent. So you will write something like “play one song on guitar” followed by “every day.”

What’s that box at the bottom? That is the “perfect day” box. You check that box when you’ve completed all of your mini habits for the day! It’s a handy feature, because on any day you can glance at the box to see if you finished them all instead of checking them individually. And of course, it’s going to feel great to check that off each day!

What’s the space around the numbers for? That is for notes and bonus reps! A key aspect of the mini habits system is that it’s a beginning, not an end. Any time you do extra and want to make a note of it or get credit for it, you have a space for it! Every day for every habit has a designated space for notes, something you won’t find anywhere else!

Tell me about the colors. The habits are color coded to further set them apart and identify them. The day boxes are sized perfectly for the stickers I currently sell at the minihabits.com shop. So if you want to mark your red habit as complete with red stickers, you can do that. Otherwise, a simple X or checkmark with a pen will work fine!

It works with Elastic Habits? Yes! The days are sized for the elastic habits stickers. It lacks the scoring system of the Elastic Habits calendar, but instead offers a more streamlined presentation. You would still need elastic habit posters or a whiteboard to display your elastic habits.

Why didn’t you make this years ago? Uh… shoot. It’s a little late I guess. But stay tuned because it’s coming very soon!

Also Check Out My Podcast Interview!

I was interviewed by Eric Zimmer of The One You Feed podcast. We talked about Elastic Habits and it was a good time. Eric is a really cool guy. He was vulnerable discussing his past, something that I always notice and appreciate. I too try to be vulnerable when writing books because it unequivocally offers readers more value and builds trust.

If you’re interested, check out the podcast here:

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