If I Ever Become Rich And Famous…

Wealth. Fame. Pineapples.

Sure, these things are all desirable on some level, but I know from experience that the outer skin of pineapples irritates my taste buds. Here’s what I’ll do if I ever experience the other two, wealth and fame:

  1. I will want a smaller house and my car will get decent gas mileage (no hummer, but yes to a BMW).
  2. I will wonder why people treated me so differently than before, and try not to judge them for it.
  3. To give back, I will sponsor children rather than support one of the many wasteful/unethical charities.
  4. I will wonder why my potential was not recognized until it was realized.
  5. I will not use this toilet paper, even if people expect me to. Toilet paper should never be decorated at all.
  6. I will give money to random people sometimes, especially if they seem to be in real need or are unreasonably awesome.
  7. I will invest and be financially responsible like I am today!
  8. On that note, I will still shop on Amazon and get good deals.
  9. I will cherish the new excitement and miss my prior privacy.
  10. New friends will have to pass some kind of “do they like me or my money?” test.
  11. I will still be a minimalist!
  12. I will have to think deeply about if and how much money to give to family and friends. It’s not just giving money away, it’s permanently changing the lives of people you care about, sometimes for the better, but not if they’re destructive.
  13. I will further understand that money is not worth ruining your life over.
  14. I will analyze it and blog about it (like the ever-entertaining James Altucher did).
  15. I will travel everywhere. Often.
  16. I will stay at places like this occasionally… 🙂
  17. I will realize, like I do now, that the key to a satisfying life is being content with who and where you are, while making the most of your situation. 

But if I never become rich or famous, that’s fine too!

Have you ever thought about what your mindset and life would be like as a rich and/or famous person? Are you already rich or famous? Please share your thoughts and your autograph!

What would you add or subtract from my list? I’ll give you $2 million* if you tell me.

*Small Print, Bad News Disclaimer: $2 million may be substituted with the word “thanks” at my discretion. Also, I will never give you $2 million or even share my pineapple with you. Ok, you may have ONE small slice of pineapple, but it will have some of the outer skin on it. 

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