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Do you have any mini habits? If so, you might want to see this! I designed this tracker specifically for tracking mini habits. See the video below. (Note: You can use this tracker for Elastic Habits also if you want a simpler tracker than the Elastic Habits Tracking Calendar).

What Makes This Habit Tracker Different?

Designed for Mini Habits: 500,000+ copies sold and 21 languages (and counting), Mini Habits revolutionized the way people approach habits. The method works, and this calendar is designed to maximize the strengths of the strategy.

Elevate Your Habits: Most habit trackers present your habits as a list, with everything crammed in together. Unfortunately, that practice devalues all of your habits. Consider that just one new habit has the ability to transform your entire life, and you’re telling me that this powerful habit is hidden alongside 10 others in a long list? Terrible! I’ve experienced two life-changing habits that I built with mini and elastic habits—exercise and writing. This tracker gives our habits the stage they deserve! Every habit has its own box!

One Purpose: This is only a habit tracker. Simple, streamlined, and clear. It’s exactly what you want in a habit tracker!

Four Habits: As the book recommends 1-4 mini habits at a time, there are four habit boxes. Once you complete all of your habits, you will get the satisfying honor of checking the most important box. It’s the one at the bottom of the calendar that reads “perfect day.” A perfect day ✓ or X signifies that you’ve completed all of your mini habits! 

Notes: Every habit has a spot for each day for notes. This is where you can write your bonus reps or other exclamatory remarks. This is optional of course—you can just check the boxes if you wish.



eBay (for non-US customers):

NOTE: If you want the color-coded tracking stickers, only offers them as a package deal.


Stephen Guise

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