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Q: What Is Mini Habit Mastery?

It is a video course based on the Mini Habits concept. It contains about 4 hours of video content, which shows you the scientific way to change your habits. Click this link to get an immediate $35 discount on Mini Habit Mastery!

Q: Is it different from the Mini Habits book?

Yes and no. It contains new material, new visuals, charts, comparison tables, demonstrations, and more, but it is still based on the mini habits concept, and so there will be some repeat information that was in the book. MH222 There are some things in the book that are not in the course and vice versa. The course is a more streamlined version of the mini habits concept. It focuses on the essential components.

There is an additional section in the course on eliminating bad habits using the Mini Habits strategy (20 min). The book only covered good habits.

Q: If I bought the book, should I buy the course?

I can’t say for sure. There are certainly some new things in the course and some people learn better visually. But it is the mini habits concept in video format. If you’re a fan of mini habits and can’t get enough or if you want some additional insights, you’ll love it. And I believe an expert in the mini habits theory would at least find it to be entertaining. 

There’s also a full section on bad habits, which is not in the book.


I’ll likely have a few of the videos available to preview, so you can get a feel for the course and what it will offer. 

Q: How is it different from other online courses?

  • It’s edutainment! Significant effort has gone in to make this course more enjoyable, fun, and interesting than any other!
  • It stars Actress Laura Avnaim, who brings the material to life!
  • It’s dynamic, with more than a dozen presentation styles to keep you interested.
  • It has higher quality video, audio, and editing than 95% of the courses I’ve seen on Udemy.
  • It contains the proven, acclaimed, and ridiculously effective Mini Habits strategy.
  • It took more than 7 months of daily work to complete and fine-tune (others seem to be content to throw courses together in a weekend with low quality content, video, audio, and editing).
  • It’s a smart application of relevant science from multiple fields (primarily behavioral psychology and neuroscience).


Q: When will it be released?

It’s here!

Q: How much will it cost?

Comparing it to other courses, and considering the quality of this course in presentation and content, I had planned to price it at $297. That seemed fair, if not low. But I’m publishing it through Udemy, where almost all courses are priced $29-99 (similar to Amazon in their low pricing strategy).

So I’ve decided to price Mini Habit Mastery at just $97.

Selling Mini Habits (the book) at a lower price than originally planned has made it highly accessible, which has allowed more people to discover it. I want the same for Mini Habit Mastery. This isn’t a marketing trick where I’m pretending to lower the price. Laura and I agree to set the price at $219 before I recently decided to lower it substantially. There are comparable courses in the personal growth niche that cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Use coupon “deepblog” for $35 off the $97 price or click this link to automatically apply the discount.

Q: Can I preview the course?

Yes! There is a new preview video on Udemy and three course videos are previewable. 


Q: Sounds good, but how can you claim so much about the mini habits strategy?

Mini Habits has sold more than 15,000 copies worldwide in less than 7 months despite a scrawny marketing budget. The reason it has succeeded is because people are telling their family and friends about these “mini habits” they have that are changing their life! They also write to me and tell me how it’s helping them. I’m never surprised, as I too have changed my life with mini habits.

I always recommend people look at the reviews. I have never bought a review or asked a friend to review Mini Habits. Not once. I have actively discouraged family and friends from leaving reviews.

Review manipulation is common practice for other authors, but I think it’s unethical and unfair. Even though I’ve played the review game fairly, Mini Habits is the highest-rated habit book among top sellers at 4.7 stars. The response has been spectacular, humbling, and inspiring.

Q: Anything else?

I don’t release products to make money. I mean, yeah, I do this for a living, but that’s only so that I can do this for a living! I hope that makes sense.

I’ve been careful about making sure people who spend their money to improve their lives and support my work get what they expect plus a little bit more. I believe in over-delivering, which is another reason for the lower price point of $97 (and Deep Existence readers get a $35 discount off of that!).

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this course, and that it impacts your life positively. 

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