Greatest Hits

These are the greatest hits from the Deep Existence archives. Each article has a brief description. Enjoy!

Old Classics

These posts laid the foundation. They are made of concrete and rebar, naturally.

Deep Thinking Can Change Your Life

The first article EVER for Deep Existence. I wanted to it to be the foundational piece for Deep Existence. While I was perhaps a less skilled writer at the time, I believe it still represents the heart of this blog.

Are You Willing To Fail? It Is The Key To Success

Legends of today and yesterday have one trait in common – they didn’t worry about failing. It is certainly another “pillar” post of Deep Existence.

Live Like A Shipwrecked Sailor

In my top 5 personal favorite posts, because it combines storytelling and personal development teaching. It derives its lesson from the story of a shipwrecked sailor.


Not everyone will agree with these, but I’ve never been wrong before, so….

Something Supernatural Exists (According To Logic)

Philosophy, the supernatural, God? What could possibly be controversial about this?? Oh, everything. This post had 17,000 words in the comments…that’s like 20 blog posts! It’d have a lot more, but I closed the comments so I could focus on writing new posts rather than debating until 4 AM every night.

The Experts Are Wrong – You Don’t Need Passion To Succeed

Controversy central! Read it and let me know if you agree or disagree.

Multi-tasking Is Killing Your Productivity

I poured my soul into this post. It took me 15 hours to research, write, and edit this! I love it though. In the 21st century, we all need to take a hard look at our multi-tasking habits and what they are costing us. So many possibilities are grabbing for our time, and only a few of them are worth it. This post has it all – humor, fascinating science on the human brain, discussion on solutions, and a mind-blowing revelation of how many items (some of us) try to keep track of on a daily basis. Also, there is a hilarious must-see 46 second video at the very beginning.


Tricky Ones

These posts aren’t what they seem at first.

I Am Successful – Are You?

With a pretentious title like that, you almost have to read it. But it isn’t what you’d think – I reveal several of my flaws to balance out the title, and there is a valuable gem of a truth in here. This remains one of the most popular posts to date with more than 50 comments.

Only PeoPle whO Stop tryIng geT somEwhere in life

This was a post unlike I’ve ever written or seen written before. The title is encrypted with a secret message. It centers around the very inspiring life story of Sylvestor Stallone. It was a big hit with about 50 comments.


In Your Face

These posts will challenge you and chase you down if you ignore them.

Your Life Is Stagnant – Get Shock Treatment

This was a surprise post for regular readers as it was one of the first times I published articles in back-to-back days. That unexpected timing combined with the in-your-face topic of the article proved to be a winner, as everyone who read this was challenged to snuggle with electric eels step up their effort in life. This post is still shocking.

14 Choices You’ll Regret In 20 Years

Speaking of regret, here is a lot of it! Being a proactive thinker, I asked myself what decisions I could be making today that I would regret in 20 years. This was the result, and it was pretty popular at the time of publishing. Maybe you’ll read it and sidestep a huge regret? You never know!

5 Signs You Care Too Much About What Others Think Of You (And The Solution)

One of the best thought out and well written posts on Deep Existence, the topic really resonated with people. I think it’s because we’re all human and at least at certain times, we do care too much about what our fellow man thinks. The problem lies within the life-stunting effect it has on us when we do.

Break Your Own Rules, Live Better

We hold ourselves back so much. Really. It isn’t our fault though, because we inadvertently create rules (based off of precedents) that don’t need to exist. The good news: with knowledge of this, comes the power to overcome it.

I Want To Try

The title is a declaration I made in my own failure to act. I believe it’s something we all want – a chance. But sometimes we’re responsible for not giving ourselves a chance. So read this article, and make sure you give yourself a chance. If you don’t try, you will regret it later.


A Different Angle

These posts look at issues with a kaleidoscope or something. These unique perspectives are useful for problem solving by approaching topics from a new angle.

Use Fear To Motivate Yourself

A revolutionary new use for an age-old problem. Oh, and it works too. 🙂

The Currency Of Life – 28,726 Days

I love this post because it is balanced well with science, humor, analogies, and insight. I also think the lesson – that life is just a very long string of days – is vitally important in understanding how to live life strategically and thoughtfully.

The Four Most Important Minimalism Tips I’ve Learned

If you are interested in minimalism, read this post right now. It is a great summary of what I’ve learned on my journey to become a minimalist. At least one or two of these tips won’t be found anywhere else, and they’ll help tremendously! If you are unsure about minimalism, it’s a good post to read to decide if it is for you.


The Secrets Of Life

These articles unveil profound truths about living in the world. They will help you figure out how to do something you’ve struggled with by pointing out how it’s done or why some people have trouble doing it.

How To Build Confidence – A Lesson From Steve Jobs And James Cameron

Steve Jobs and James Cameron – men like this aren’t everywhere. Cameron is the world leader in deep sea exploration AND the man behind the most successful films in history. Jobs revolutionized technology and the world we live in. In “How To Build Confidence,” I analyzed their legacies and speeches to gather similarities and form a hypothesis of how they originally built up confidence that allowed them to be the great men they became. This post was written just a couple of months before Steve Jobs’ death.

Deep Thinking Illuminates The Secrets Of Your Mind

As the spiritual successor to the very first post (Deep Thinking Can Change Your Life), this article is another pillar of Deep Existence. The premise is one that I like very much – that we already have most of, if not all the answers we need. Our problem is simply that we learn to rely on external sources to show us the way, and by doing so, we unlearn how to find the answers within the recesses of our mind’s robust database.

The Only Way You’ll Ever Be Fulfilled In Life

There is not a more important lesson to learn in your time on this earth. It’s a simple truth with massive implications.

The Big Creativity Lie

I love love love love this! This is one of the most exciting topics to me because creativity makes our world so much better. I want everyone to KNOW that they are creative, if they just believe so. If you’re super sharp, you know I just gave away the big secret of this post, but you should read it to see why we believe the lie.

The Only Test You Need To Evaluate Your Life

You can implement this test today, though the results won’t come until later. It works for everyone and everyone can benefit from it, and you’ll find it very interesting if you complete the test successfully. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and more importantly, you’ll see where you’re headed in life.


Rest assured, the best is yet to come. I recommend that you…

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