Great Books

The following books have impacted my life. That is, I can directly attribute changes in my behavior, personality, or circumstances to reading them. These are the most important books I’ve read!

Getting Things Done  

I have read this book twice. The first time I read it was in college. I read and implemented the GTD system all in one day. It revolutionized the way I thought about life organization.

Before I read the book, I was a sloppy person. Now (even while off the system) I am a neat and clean person. This change literally happened overnight because of the paradigm shift that took place in my mind.

While I believe the system is too intense/robotic for some people – including myself – there are concepts littered throughout the book that are invaluable life tools. David understands what makes sense when it comes to getting things done. His particular solution – while demanding – is actually very intuitive and there are hoards of people who swear by it.

I am still tweaking the system and concepts to find something that works well for me, but this book has been an absolute life-changer either way. It would be about impossible to read it and not permanently benefit in some way from it. It comes with my highest recommendation.

Buy Getting Things Done


The Neatest Little Guide To Stock Market Investing

This is the book that taught me the basics of investing in stocks. It is a perfect starting point for learning. If you’re already into investing, it is still a valuable read for one reason.

Jason Kelly shares the strategies of the greatest investors of all time. From Warren Buffett to Peter Lynch, Kelly uncovers the core strategies that have worked for these stock market geniuses. Of course it is challenging to replicate their great success, but a good start is to understand their mindset when it comes to investing.

I wouldn’t have beaten the market soundly in the past two years if not for this “neat” book. Maybe another stock book could have taught me the same things, but I know that this one is fantastic!

Buy The Neatest Little Guide


The Four Hour Work Week

Many people criticize The Four Hour Work Week for the title (which I agree is misleading). The truth is that this book is not about working four hours per week. The Four Hour Work Week is a work-life philosophy book.

Tim Ferriss is brilliant. He finds smart life and work shortcuts that are (usually ethical and) highly effective. Most of them involve changing how we’ve been taught to think about work and business.

If you’ve been unsatisfied at your 9-to-5 and are curious about your other options, I would look here first. I listened to the Four Hour Workweek audiobook, which was highly enjoyable and flawlessly read by a pleasant voice. An unsung benefit of this book is the long list of valuable resources (websites, businesses, etc.) that Tim lists. It shows that what he’s talking about is possible and real.

You won’t likely agree with everything he says. I don’t have interest in hiring a virtual assistant in India to pay my bills, for example. But this doesn’t take away from the other good ideas, of which there are many.

I guarantee your mind will be opened to new possibilities. I would just recommend easing into things rather than quitting your job immediately. In fact, Tim discusses strategies to give yourself more freedom at your “normal” job.

Buy The Four Hour Workweek



Never again will I look at creativity in the same way. Creativity and innovation are not gifts. They can both be learned and the only prerequisite is that you believe you are creative.

Thinkertoys was a mind-blowing book to me when I first picked it up. It was like discovering a new world. Michael Michalko opened my eyes to the science of creative thinking.

Creativity is intentional – it doesn’t happen on its own. Creativity is strongly tied to positivity. It is nearly impossible to be creative with a negative mindset. These are some of the things you’ll learn. Michael doesn’t expect you to take his word for it – he proves many of these points and your intuition will agree with what he’s saying.

If your job or hopeful job requires creativity, this book will be invaluable. The second half of the book involves actual “thinkertoys” that teach you specific techniques to expand your thinking and consider creative solutions. This book is amazing. You will be blown away.

Buy Thinkertoys (read the great reviews)

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