Take Responsibility for Your Life

take responsibility for your life

Take full responsibility for your future and your life, even if you’ve been a victim.

This idea is not “fair,” as so many things are outside of our control, but it’s strong for one reason—being a victim can’t be a solution.

Victims are powerless by definition. To be a victim means that something happened to you. Victims have no say in it. They can’t change anything. They have no control. To be victimized in any given moment can happen to anyone. But to be a victim for life is a veritable death sentence, and one that we can avoid.

People sometimes get offended by this idea of “taking responsibility” for their life situation that isn’t their fault. Understandably so! But it’s a misunderstanding, because you’re not taking responsibility for the past, you’re doing it for your future.

Taking responsibility isn’t about accepting blame or even being okay with what happened to you. It’s about deciding your path forward. It’s saying, “That happened. Here’s how I’m going to overcome it.”

If you’ve been hurt, or find yourself in a difficult situation, take these words to heart. If you’ve suffered, it may not be your fault, but never let it take your power away. Own your situation and move forward from here. You’ll be glad you did.

Check out David Goggins for a great example of someone who succeeded with this.

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