I’m happy to announce Mini Habit Mastery: an upcoming habit course for the Udemy platform. 

cookie appleThis course won’t be a rehashing of the book. While the core concepts are in place, the material is updated and expanded. For example, it includes an entire section covering bad habits (something the Mini Habits book does not address).

Important: This course will be FUN. That’s right. Fun.

In my experience, traditional education means striving to be as bland as possible, but people learn and retain information best when the material and presentation are interesting and engaging. It is our goal to “bring the material to life” for you.

incoming video

The Fun Of Mini Habit Mastery

  • Action demonstrations and examples of important concepts, starring Laura Avnaim—a talented actress and my cousin-friend
    • Graphic overlays highlight important information
    • Realistic everyday situations help you relate (which enhances understanding, interest, and retention)
    • Poignant examples connect the science to our lives
  • Reenactment of scientific studies (starring me and Laura)
  • An entertaining mix of live action, interview-style discussion, slide presentation, and limited animated graphics
  • Deep-Existence-style humor and casual wording to enliven the bland, but critical science concepts and jargon

mini habit slidesIf you’re not into the fancy bells and whistles, don’t worry; these enhancements are not void entertainment pockets, but vehicles to deliver this critical, life-changing information. We simply strive to make it as accessible as possible, and having people lose interest in the first 2 minutes would not accomplish that.

Because it’s not just me lecturing a camera lens for 2 hours, this course requires considerable work and effort to put together. Therefore, we can only give you a ballpark release date of Spring 2014. We don’t want to rush it out; the importance of the content deserves a remarkably polished presentation.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mini Habit Mastery.