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Why All Diets Fail (New Book on 11/27/16)

My newest book, Mini Habits for Weight Loss, will be released on November 27, 2016. This article is a “deleted scene” that didn’t make it into the book. If you can relate to this, you’ll love the book! Can you guess the #1 issue with 99.9% of all weight loss solutions ever devised? Sustainability. Neither 30-day diets or 10-day juice fasts are real solutions for weight loss. These are foreign behavioral and dietary anomalies that your mind and body will force-correct in time. They can create the illusion of change, but unless your brain’s neural pathways change through sustainable repetition, you’re going to revert to who you still are underneath. As tempting as these quick change ideas are initially, you will despise them (as I do) after experiencing what real change feels and looks like. I saw a youtube video of a woman who had just finished a popular “10 day green smoothie cleanse” (yes, that one).

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New: How to Be an Imperfectionist

How to Be an Imperfectionist is now available! Imagine that there is a 10,000 pound elephant in the road blocking traffic and you're tasked to clear the road. The driver behind you yells out the solution: "Push the elephant out of the way!" Pushing the elephant away would certainly clear the road; the solution makes sense. But can you actually push a 10,000 pound elephant out of


Mini Habit Mastery Is Now Available!

Q: What Is Mini Habit Mastery? It is a video course based on the Mini Habits concept. It contains about 4 hours of video content, which shows you the scientific way to change your habits. Click this link to get an immediate discount on Mini Habit Mastery! Q: Is it different from the Mini Habits book? Yes and no.


Mini Habit Mastery: The Extended Trailer

I'm so excited to show this to you! This is an extended preview/trailer of the upcoming Mini Habit Mastery course. I think it does a good job of capturing the fun vibe of of the course, while also showing the unprecedented diversity of presentation to maintain interest throughout and enhance retention. Because of the considerable work involved


Mini Habits: The Audiobook Is Here!

What happens when you combine one of the highest rated books on the marketplace with the world's greatest narrator? The one audiobook to rule them all.  It's good. So good. Click. Buy. Listen. Smile. You can now buy the Mini Habits audiobook on Amazon or Audible! Daniel Penz (narrator) makes Mini Habits even


Introducing Mini Habit Mastery: A New Habit Course Coming To Udemy (Spring 2014)

I'm happy to announce Mini Habit Mastery: an upcoming habit course for the Udemy platform.  This course won't be a rehashing of the book. While the core concepts are in place, the material is updated and expanded. For example, it includes an entire section covering bad habits (something the Mini Habits book does not address).


Share Your Mini Habits Story

If you'd like to share your mini habits story to encourage others (or have unique modification tips), we'd love to hear all about it! We can also add to your story later with any updates you may have. To submit your story, click here and select "My mini habits experience" for the subject (or leave a comment on