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Mini Habit Mastery exceeded my expectations on all counts! It was informative, entertaining, and even life changing. Gone are the days of unreachable goals and perpetual disappointment. Instead, I’m moving forward with “stupid easy” mini habits and already enjoying huge results.Leslie Fox (Student)
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Mini habits burst onto the scene in December 2013 to critical acclaim. It has since changed thousands of lives of people all over the world. It took me a long time to figure out this strategy in my journey to crack the code of lasting behavior change, but it was well worth the wait!

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An International Hit
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My second book tackled a problem that almost everyone has without realizing. Perfectionism. It is the root cause of things like depression and low self-esteem, which are often treated on the surface. This book takes the reader on a fascinating journey through human thinking. Using mini habits as the behavior change fulcrum, the strategies in this book can help us all embrace imperfection in ourselves and the world we live in. Only then can we thrive.

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The End of Dieting

For my third book, I set my sights on a major problem with few viable solutions—weight loss. The market is flooded with short-term solutions that are light on strategy. Mini Habits for Weight Loss gives people a strategy for real, lasting change. Weight loss is like any other behavior change—for the results to stay, the behavior must stay, and that’s where mini habits shine! Read this once, and you will never diet again.

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